Draft Delivery Agreement (March 2023)

Ended on the 20 April 2023
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Appendix 2: Risk Assessment





Loss/change of staff leading to inadequate in-house expertise and/or increasing individual workload

Loss of capacity to complete stages of the LDP process on schedule. Inability to resource various tasks therefore compromising their quality, or in the worst case not being able to undertake or complete the task

  • Maintain full complement of Strategic Planning Team, and supplement through redeployment/secondment when necessary
  • Ensure LDP is given the highest priority when managing workload
  • Use external consultants


Inadequate financial resources

Inability to fund various tasks which require external expertise

  • Build in flexibility for unforeseen costs
  • Allow LDP budget to be rolled forward annually if underspend occurs
  • Ensure the cost of Independent Examination & Inspector's Report is included in the Council's medium term financial planning


New legislation with policy implications & poor dissemination of this information

Timetable slippage due to:

  • Need to review/revise evidence base and policies.
  • Late redrafting of Policies/Plan
  • Monitor emerging legislation and guidance closely to ensure the earliest possible response in LDP preparation to new policies/tasks, etc
  • Review consultation procedures with WG and other bodies to ensure Strategic Planning Team are directly consulted


Significant late objections or information from key stakeholders

Timetable slippage due to:

  • Policies/Plan need to be redrafted to incorporate the additional information
  • Improve liaison procedures with key stakeholders and align project timetables wherever possible
  • Identify at an early stage any difficulty (with regards to time) in providing a response
  • Allow flexibility within the timetable for the late submission of information


Difficulty in acquiring necessary information/expertise to inform the LDP

LDP fails the test of soundness due to insufficient evidence, or timetable slips due to time or resources being diverted to acquire information

  • Safeguard the necessary resources in terms of time and finance to secure the required information and build in sufficient flexibility within the timetable to do this


External delays (Planning Inspectorate, consultee responses, printers, translators)

Timetable slippage

  • Clearly specify response deadlines and establish reminder protocols
  • Link deadlines to Cabinet/Council report preparation cycles
  • Keep WG informed
  • Build flexibility in timetable around Local Government elections


Legal Challenge

Adopted LDP quashed, and additional workload

  • Continually check with Legal Services that all relevant Regulations, Acts and Guidance are being complied with
  • Continue Regional work to share best practice with other LPAs


Unrealistic reporting cycles and Political Issues more widely, including the Council Elections

Timetable slippage

  • Ensure that special meetings can be called to progress LDP issues
  • Establish Advisory Group of Members to deal with LDP delivery
  • Early member training after elections


Timetable proves too ambitious due to greater than anticipated workload relating to Council duties and CJC requirements, including production of SDP, plus potential delayed evidence/evidence emerging at times unsynchronised to the DA.

Timetable slippage

Resource Implications

  • Consider additional resources
  • Continue close liaison with Welsh Government and CJC
  • Ensure sufficient resources are available and corporate support of SDP process and timetable from outset aligned to RLDP preparation.
  • Plan Evidence Needs and Undertake/ Commission Evidence Gathering well in Advance
  • Prepare the Plan to be adaptable and responsive/flexible to change where possible


Delays caused by Welsh translation

Timetable slippage

  • Consider additional resources
  • Work closely with relevant departments


Lack of consensus throughout the organisation and/ or lack of support from officers/other departments in production of the evidence base

Timetable slippage

  • Ensure close liaison with, and early involvement of key Members and Officers


Early Review of RLDP or RLDP halted before adoption due to requirement to align with a Strategic Development Plan

Timetable slippage

  • Ensure involvement in progress of regional work. Continued liaison with Welsh Government.


Impending 'drop dead date' of the current LDP

Policy implications

  • Ensure Replacement LDP is adopted before or soon after 'drop dead date'
  • Develop mitigation strategies for a period without a plan
  • Negotiate with WG to explore amending legislation regarding drop dead date.


Delay in major application coming forward until RLDP is adopted

Policy implications

(e.g. housing/employment delivery)

  • Ensure RLDP is adopted as soon as possible to minimise implications associated with delay of major applications


ISA/HRA implications on plan strategy

Timetable slippage

  • Ensure process is fully integrated with LDP preparation
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