Swansea Replacement Local Development Plan 2023-2038 Candidate Site Submission Form

Ended on the 31 October 2023

Candidate Sites

Call for Candidate Sites – Two weeks remaining on the Call for Candidate Sites for the RLDP. Sites can be submitted until 31 October 2023.

The Council is inviting the submission of 'Candidate Sites' for the Swansea Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP). These are sites that are proposed by any interested party for potential inclusion within the Plan.

Submissions can be made during the 'Call for Sites' exercise, which will take place from 30th  August 2023 to 31th October 2023. Due to the timescales in which the RLDP needs to be prepared, sites that are submitted outside these dates will only be considered at the discretion of the Council.

If you require assistance completing the form please contact the team via Email: ldp@swansea.gov.uk or telephone: 07814 105625

It is important that Candidate Site submitters note and understand the following:

  • Submission of a Candidate Site to the Council is no guarantee that the site will be allocated the Replacement LDP.
  • One form must be submitted for each individual Candidate Site proposed.
  • Site submissions must include a location plan on an Ordnance Survey base, which can be produced through this portal, containing the information required in the form.
  • The site assessment methodology set out in the accompanying guidance note will assess the sites against the information provided in the questions. Questions marked with an asterisk indicate they will form part of the Stage 1 Initial Sift/ Stage 2 Assessment as appropriate.
    Therefore it is important that the form is completed and answers to all questions provided in full to enable appropriate assessment of your site.
  • Any supplementary or supporting information submitted by the site proposer may be made publically available by the Council, unless a formal request is received in writing by the Council and agreement is reached between parties to withhold publication of the material (for example due to commercial confidentiality reasons).
  • The Council will, at an appropriate stage of the RLDP process, publish a Candidate Sites Register showing the location and boundaries of all submitted sites in accordance with statutory requirements. The Candidate Site Register will include details of the site proposer and landowner.
  • Where the site proposal involves retaining an existing use, such as Open Space, then it will only be necessary to complete the following areas of the form – Contact Details, Section 1.1-1.4, 1.7-1.11. 

This Submission Form sets out the information that the Council will require in order to undertake a robust assessment of all submitted sites. This assessment will be done using a standardised assessment methodology. Please refer to the document 'Candidate Sites Submission Form Guidance Note and Assessment Methodology', which covers the information you need to provide. This guidance document is available online on the Council's website at https://www.swansea.gov.uk/rldpcandidatesites in bilingual format.

Site constraint information has been collated into an online mapping tool to assist site submitters - available here: Constraints and Information Map

Should you wish to provide further information where space in the form does not allow then please use the Additional Information section at the end of the Submission Form.

Site Thresholds:

For residential development – The threshold for submission of a site for proposed housing is either 10 dwellings or a minimum site size of 0.33ha. The exception to this threshold is in those areas of the County that the Council considers to be of rural character, where the threshold is either 5 dwellings or a minimum site size of 0.1ha. Site submitters will need to make a judgement as to whether they consider a site to be of sufficiently rural character to justify this exception. Sites submitted that are considered by the Council as not meeting the necessary thresholds may not be considered as a Candidate Site but will be considered as part of the settlement boundary review process.

For non-residential development – There are no minimum thresholds for site size. Where a site is proposed for a mix of uses including residential, the Council will apply the threshold to that part of the site that is proposed for residential use.

Placemaking Principles:

Placemaking principles are at the heart of the Council's strategic planning agenda and the Council is a signatory to the Placemaking Wales Charter. Placemaking is a 'people centred' approach to the planning, design and management of places and spaces. It seeks to create buildings and areas within which people would desire to live, work and spend recreational time. Site proposers are therefore required to set out in section 9 how proposed candidate sites will deliver on national sustainable placemaking principles.

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Candidate Sites Form

For instructions on how to use the system and make comments, please see our help guide.
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