Draft Delivery Agreement (March 2023)

Ended on the 20 April 2023

Part 2: The Timetable

2.1. Overview

2.1.1. Part Two sets out the Timetable for the preparation of the LDP and looks at how the process is to be managed. It highlights the potential barriers to completing the LDP, their impacts on progress and the potential mitigation measures proposed to reduce the risks identified.

2.2. Summary Timetable

2.2.1. The summarised timetable below in Table 1 outlines the main stages of RLDP preparation and the key dates for consultation. The Timetable is also illustrated in chart form at Appendix 1, which includes an explanation of the key stages and procedures to be followed.

2.2.2. Table 1 is split into Definitive and Indicative stages:

Definitive: Those stages up to and including the statutory Deposit stage, which are under the direct control of the Council to which every effort will be made to adhere to this part of the timetable.

Indicative: Those stages beyond the statutory Deposit stage which are dependent on extraneous factors, such as number of representations received, over which the Council has less control. Following the closure of the statutory consultation period on the Deposit Plan and prior to submission of the plan, the Council will update the timetable with definitive timings for the remaining plan stages. In line with LDP Regulations within 3 months of the close of the Deposit the timetable will be reviewed and resubmitted once the Council has entered into a Service Level Agreement with the Planning Inspectorate.

Table 1 – Summary Timetable

Definitive Stage




Delivery Agreement

Draft DA Consultation, submission of Final DA to Welsh Government for approval

March/April 2023

July 2023


Pre-Deposit Participation

Evidence base preparation

Call for Candidate Sites – 12 weeks

Consultation on SA Scoping Report – 6 weeks

Preparation and Engagement on generation of Vision and Objectives and Strategic Options

July 2023

Jan 2023

Aug 2023

Aug 2023

September 2023

June 2024


Oct 2023

Aug 2023

January 2024


Pre-Deposit Consultation

Consultation on Preferred Strategy, Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report and Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report – 8 weeks

July 2024

August 2024


Deposit Participation/Consultation

Consultation on Deposit Plan, ISA, HRA and Initial Consultation Report

June 2025

July 2025

Indicative Stage





Submission of Deposit Plan and all supporting evidence to WG

December 2025



Pre hearing meeting and Examination Hearing Sessions

January 2026

February 2026

July 2026

April 2026


Publication of Inspectors Report

Local Planning Authority to receive binding Inspectors Report, check for factual errors and to Publish on its website.

August 2026



Full Council adopts the Replacement LDP

September 2026


Monitoring and Review

Submission of first Annual Monitoring Report

October 2028

2.3. Factors Considered within the Timetable

2.3.1. The Timetable is fundamentally driven by the need to ensure that the RLDP can be adopted as expediently as possible and to minimise the period after the current LDP expires on 1st January 2026. The timetable has also had regard to Welsh Governments expectations that replacement plans should be prepared in 3.5 years. Based on the above, the Council has sought to set out a realistic timetable of 3 years 3 months from commencement in July 2023 to adoption in September 2026. This would mean on adoption there is 12 years of the plan period remaining (i.e. up to 2038) which is in line with WG guidance.

2.3.2. In developing the timetable, the Council have had regard to the Development Plans Manual and have accounted for lead in timings to obtain Member Decision, Timings between statutory stages, staff resources and budgets and the Procedural Guidance issued by PEDW. In respect of member decision making, updates and recommendations relating to LDP progress will be reported to Members prior to any statutory consultation stage. Meetings of the Council are typically every 6 weeks, however meetings may be called outside these times where requested by the Head of Planning and City Regeneration. The DA Timetable takes into account these meeting cycles and report preparation lead in times, as well as Local Government elections.

2.4. Frontloading

2.4.1. The Community Involvement Scheme in Part 3 sets out the opportunities for early and continued involvement. National guidance emphasises the need for Frontloading. Frontloading will provide a Preferred Strategy of sufficient detail to allow a meaningful consultation stage which will influence the content of the Deposit Plan. This means obtaining detailed evidence up front and early in the plan making process will be essential to inform delivery of the Preferred Strategy and subsequent plan stages. Therefore, it is key that stakeholders engage with the LDP Team during Stage 2 (August 2023 to January 2024) in evidence base collation and stakeholder engagement.

2.4.2. A key part of the early evidence base gathering will be the call for Candidate Sites, scheduled to be during August to October 2023. The need for adequate evidence will be relevant either to those proposing new sites or supporting the retention of as yet unimplemented allocations to be retained in the RLDP. It is clear a greater amount of evidence bases to support sites at the Candidate Site Stage is essential as an inadequate level of information to demonstrate delivery can be a reason for discounting sites. Any barriers to development will need to be explored upfront if sites are to have a realistic prospect of being included in the RLDP. Key sites and Growth areas will need to be identified by the Council for inclusion in the Preferred Strategy while other potential sites will continue to be evaluated up to Deposit stage. Ultimately, sites will need to be proven to be suitable and deliverable.

2.4.3. Similarly, the Preferred Strategy consultation at Stage 3 will set out a range of supporting background evidence used to inform the strategy. It is important that the plan and this evidence is informed by stakeholders during this key consultation stage. The Council will welcome participation from all those with an interest in shaping the future of Swansea.

2.5. Resources

2.5.1. Officers within the Councils Placemaking and Strategic Planning service area will lead in the production and management of the RLDP process. This includes the preparation of any consultation documents and the management of the definitive stages (1-4) of the RLDP preparation process and progression to submission of the RLDP to the WG for Examination (Stage 6). The Placemaking and Strategic Planning Manager will be responsible for the overall delivery of the RLDP while the Principal Officers will lead on the day-to-day project management of the plan's preparation and delivery.

2.5.2. Whilst the following officer time is scheduled to be dedicated to the RLDP preparation process, this will be monitored throughout plan preparation and additional resource sought as necessary:

  • Placemaking and Strategic Planning Manager x 1 (20%)
  • Principal Placemaking Officer x 1 (20%)
  • Principal Planning Officers x 2 (75%)
  • Senior Placemaking Officer (20%)
  • Senior Planning Officers x 3 (50-75%)
  • Planning Officer x 1 (75%)
  • Planning Technician x 1 (90%)

2.5.3. Officers from other service areas will also be involved in various aspects of the plan preparation process as required including contributing to various evidence-based studies, assessments and consultation support. This is likely to include, but not limited to, officer support from Development Management, Housing, Economic Development, Regeneration, Education, Highways, Drainage, Nature Conservation, Landscape, Environmental Health, Democratic Services, Legal Services and Communication and Engagement.

2.5.4. Regional collaboration is ongoing with neighbouring authorities in the SWW region on joint evidence bases and continuation of this close working relationship will be crucial to the preparation of the RLDP. Where necessary, external consultants will be commissioned to undertake specific technical studies and assessments with some studies underway. An initial assessment has been carried out of the elements of plan preparation that are likely to require external consultant support and financial resources have been secured.

2.5.5. A sufficient budget will be made available to progress the RLDP to adoption within the prescribed timetable. This is expected to cover expenditure relating to all elements of preparation of the RLDP and the Independent Examination.

2.6. Monitoring and Review of the DA

2.6.1. The DA acts as the project management tool for delivery of the RLDP to ensure the timetable and the CIS strategy is being delivered. Whilst WG guidance allows for an additional slippage period of 3 months, beyond this, the Council will need to prepare an updated DA which will require approval by the Council prior to WG agreement. In addition to an extended timescale delay the DA may need to be amended if the following circumstances occur during the preparation of the RLDP:

  • Significant change to the resources available to undertake preparation of the RLDP
  • Significant changes to European, UK or Welsh legislation directly affecting the RLDP preparation process
  • Any other change in circumstances that will materially affect the delivery of the RLDP in accordance with the DA
  • Significant changes to the Community Involvement Scheme

2.7. Risk Management

2.7.1. The definitive stage of the timetable is ambitious but is considered to be deliverable based upon the expected resource input into the RLDP process. Whilst the Council will seek to avoid departure from the timetable, the Council have identified a number of risk areas that could lead to departure from the proposed timetable. The potential risks and proposed mitigation measures to minimise risks are set out in Appendix 2. The Council will monitor the timetable and will report any significant deviation (of more than 3 months) to the Welsh Government and stakeholders.

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